VA - Kallisti - Compiled by Asymptotic

by Truck Records



Kallisti, also known as the Golden Apple of Discord, represents the fall of the gods, and the pitfalls of vanity and ego. In ancient Greece the God of Discord, Eris, carved the word ‘Kallisti’ into an apple, which means “To the Fairest,” and rolled it into the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. This resulted in a conflict between Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera as they each quarreled over who the apple was for. This act ultimately led to the Trojan War, which is said to be The First War among men. Discord, represented by Eris, is the belief that order and disorder are ultimately illusions, created by man, and the Capital-T Truth of reality is that of all consuming Chaos.

As such, this compilation throws caution to the wind. Compiled by Asymptotic; it features songs in all of the particular subsets and subgenres of psychedelic bass music. From Eurythmy’s PsyDub in ‘Prosodic Feature’ to Space Theory’s disorienting perpetual build in ‘Sub-Noxious.’ There is something for everyone in this release: a Trap inspired composition from James Chelios; a melodic dive into midtempo from Tryptich; Fractal Dragons algorithmic functions forming a Glitch-Hop chin scratcher; INTRASoL’s goop filled exploration; and Icaro’s thought provoking shuffling downtempo.


released March 13, 2015



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